Los Lunas Facility

Niagara Bottling established its operations in Los Lunas, New Mexico in 2016. The facility includes 160,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing space for the production and distribution of purified drinking water. Niagara’s direct capital investment was over $23 million in 2016 and has increased over the past several years.

Niagara’s employment in Los Lunas currently stands at approximately 40 positions, with almost all living in Valencia County and Los Lunas.  Total payroll (including regular pay, overtime, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits) is approximately $3.6M.

Niagara’s direct tax contribution has been approximately $1 million including business personal property and special use taxes.  Moreover, Niagara’s leasehold and occupancy of the manufacturing facility on Desert Willow Road has aided the property owner in remitting $1,405,506 in property taxes since 2016.

Niagara has also contributed over $5.1 million in utility fees since 2020, including $1,659,001 for water, $541,491 for sewer, and $2,953,971 for electric service.

Local Impact

These data points reflect the broader local impacts of Niagara’s project and investment in the community, beyond the figures listed above. This includes projected community-wide economic impacts, induced local job creation, and an estimated increase in local taxes paid, as calculated from standardized development models.

Source: Lightcast Impact Analysis Modeling – September 2023.

Who We Are

Niagara Bottling has been family-owned and operated since 1963. Headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, Niagara operates bottling facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico. As a leading beverage manufacturer in the U.S., Niagara Bottling works closely with some of the largest beverage brands, retailers, grocers, club, and convenience stores throughout the country. Niagara produces a variety of beverages including bottled water, sparkling, vitamin and flavored water, teas, sports drinks, ready-to-drink coffee, protein drinks, and non-dairy milk products.


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Our Commitment to Community

At Niagara, we are committed to making a positive impact on society and our communities. As part of this commitment, our local teams emphasize supporting areas of education, emergency needs, community beautification, environment, and health and wellness. We are proud to partner with community leaders and charitable organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the world and in the areas where our facilities are located.

 La Vida Felicidad Child Care Center

Continuing to Support Child Care Center

Niagara continues to support La Vida Felicidad, by donating $10,000 to help improve the playground equipment at their childcare center. The children now have a new, safe place to play!

Family Fest Fun

The Calvary Chapel of Rio Grande Valley hosted a free Family Fest for local community members. There was music, savory food, attractions and a jumper zone for the kids to enjoy. Niagara donated 120 cases of bottled water to support the event and kept everyone hydrated.

The Calvary Chapel of Rio Grande Valley Family Fest

Some of the local organizations our Team Members regularly donate their time and resources to include:

  • Movies Under the Stars – El Cerro Community Center
  • Valencia County Clean Up
  • Valenica County Business Incubator
  • Mid-West New Mexico Community Action Program
  • Global Career Fair – (part of the VIII World Engineering Education Forum) – Albuquerque Convention Center
  • Los Lunas Schools district
  • Leadership New Mexico
  • All for Animal’s Inc. – Los Lunas, NM
  • La Vida Felicidad Partnership

Niagara regularly donates water to groups within Los Lunas and Valencia County. Niagara is committed to supporting qualifying local organizations that meet specific guidelines. Donation commitments are subject to product availability, and specific eligibility criteria. Please click on the “Request a Donation” link below for more information.

  • Belen Football
  • Belen Wrestling Program
  • Belen Basketball Program
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
  • Annual Belen Matanza
  • Leadership New Mexico Donation
  • Los Lunas Fire Department
  • Los Lunas Police Department
  • Los Lunas Tiger Band Boosters
  • Los Lunas Tigerettes
  • Los Lunas La Vida Felicidad
  • Los Lunas Schools Golf Tournament
  • Moberg Golf Tournament
  • Mudd Volleyball Tournament & Sponsorship
  • NM Tech Career Fair
  • NM Tech Golf Tournament
  • NM Workforce Connection
  • Our Lady of Belen Church
  • Tome Elementary
  • UNM Valencia Scholarship Foundation

 Our Focus on Sustainability

Niagara is committed to responsible resource usage and integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business. Niagara not only supports environmental initiatives, but also innovation and leadership in our product, packaging, and manufacturing while promoting consumer awareness and action on sustainability issues. Here’s how Niagara is prioritizing sustainability:

  1. Water Stewardship: A standard Niagara facility uses less water to produce its products than it takes to keep a few golf courses green. Niagara typically pays volumetric fees for the water used and millions in taxes and fees to municipal systems that enable us to maintain and improve our infrastructure.
  2. Packaging Efficiency: Part of Niagara’s success is from using less plastic for our bottles than our competitors.
  3. Minimizing Environmental Impact: Niagara PET bottles have a lower environmental impact across most impact categories when compared to other common beverage and water packaging types. Our half-liter bottles have an embodied carbon footprint that is substantially below the U.S. average.
  4. Recycling Infrastructure and Education: Niagara supports recycling education through International Bottled Water Association’s “Put it in the Bin” campaign.


Niagara Sustainability Infographic with Plant Bottle


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