3 Bottle Splash Recycle
High quality, affordable prices and exceptional service

As a producer and supplier of Niagara® brand and private label bottled water to many of the nation’s leading retailers, Niagara has over 60 years of experience offering our customers unmatched quality, price and service.

Our customers choose Niagara® bottled water products based on high quality, affordable prices and exceptional service. How is Niagara Bottling able to offer this unique value combination?

Vertical integration

Niagara’s position as the most vertically integrated bottling company in the industry allows us to improve quality, reduce environmental impact and pass along cost savings to our customers.

High-speed manufacturing and cutting edge bottling technology

Niagara manufactures our products with the fastest, most automated and technologically advanced water bottling lines in the world! Efficiency savings gained with high-speed manufacturing and automation is another important factor that allows our customers to offer the best value bottled water on their shelves.

The Niagara Team

Niagara’s biggest competitive advantage is a team of employees dedicated to hard work, integrity and exceptional service in order to provide our customers with high quality, value priced bottled water.

*Excludes label and outer packaging, which may not be recyclable in your area.