Eco-Air Package®

As innovators, Niagara is always looking for ways to improve through technological advancements and processes that help us reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Eco-Air Package® eliminates the need for a cardboard tray completely and the cases take up less pallet space which allows us to ship more water per order and helps us reduce our CO emissions. The Eco-Air case wrap is also recyclable via Store Drop Off.

Eco-Air Bottle®

Niagara has reduced the amount of plastic in our Eco-Air® Bottle by over 60%*. Our bottle is lightweight and recyclable**. Because of the reduced weight in our plastic, we are able to:

  • Transport more water per truck load which reduces CO2 emissions
  • Use less plastic per bottle which helps conserve valuable resources
  • Since 2009 Niagara has reduced the carbon footprint of its bottles by 59% through innovations in design, lightweighting and packaging.

In addition, we’ve reduced our label size and bottle cap size to further reduce our material use.

*On average vs. our original 1998 500mL bottle. **Recyclable bottle and cap. Excludes label and outer wrap, which may not be recyclable in your area.

Recycled Plastic Utilization

Increasing our recycled content usage has driven a 12% average reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) impact per bottle.

We are currently working with a broad set of partners and government to increase the amount of recycled content available so that we can use even more!


A PET bottle provides the smallest ratio of packaging material to product, while providing superior protection and safety. All of our bottles and caps are recyclable** with no BPA added.