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With high speed market growth in private label bottled water, Niagara continues to build new plants each year, making the career possibilities at Niagara endless!


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Internship Program

Given the rapid growth of our company, Niagara is always on the lookout for fresh new talent. We have a comprehensive internship program that not only allows you to build practical skills but also exposes you to the many facets of the water bottling business. These are no coffee pouring, photocopying jobs!

“The way I look at the internship program is that it’s really a way for us to fill leadership roles of tomorrow.”

~ Bill Hall, EVP of Manufacturing

Here are some of our interns and their real-life stories:

“My internship at Niagara has been a vital component in building the foundation of my education. It has been a truly life-shaping experience where my learning objectives were met above and beyond.”

Jalay Kapadia

School: College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Northridge
Major: M.S. Engineering Management
Projects: Established Injection Molding Dashboard to forecast future mold maintenance and reduce refurbishment and conversion costs
Then: Intern
Now: LDP Fellow

“The environment is extremely dynamic and strikes the ideal balance between working hard and playing hard. I was able to travel in support of my projects and build relationships across several different departments throughout the process. The internship program has positioned me for other exciting opportunities within Niagara, and I look forward to the prospect of continuing to grow with the company."

Greg Boucher

School: Cal Poly Pomona
Major: Technology and Operations Management
Project: Manufacturing Systems Applications Enhancement
Then: Intern
Now: LDP Fellow

Professional Development Program

Corporate Track
The Professional Development Program (PDP) is a 24 month rotational program that transforms recent college graduates into high-performing Individual Contributors while supporting the individual’s career growth through skill development and networking. PDP will give you the opportunity to experience different assignments in a variety of departments that will ultimately lead you to a full-time role.

Manufacturing Track
The manufacturing track of the Professional Development Program is geared toward leadership roles in the manufacturing plant and is also a 24 month program. Participants may have the opportunity to rotate through a number of facilities throughout the Niagara network. Through this program, you will gain the technical skills and know-how to be an effective leader within our plants.

See what our development program fellows have to say about their experience:

“Having a background in Sociology and HR Design, I was able to delve into manufacturing and learn technical and operational aspects that were completely new to me. This program has given me the tools to become a better leader with a concrete understanding of the business.”

Breanna Gutierrez

School: Claremont Graduate University
Major: MS Human Resources Design
Project: Reducing resin loss from truck to silo and improving resin tracking system

“The LDP is one of the best professional experiences that I have gone through. It enabled me to refine my leadership skills while also helping me to develop business acumen.”

Colin Cavanaugh

School: UC Irvine
Major: Master of Business Administration
Project: Reducing waste remaining on the label cores and film cores

Manufacturing Development Program
The Manufacturing Development Program (MDP) is available for those who are looking for a career in manufacturing at Niagara. In the 12 month rotation, MDP fellows gain experience in operations, HR and safety, warehouse and distribution, maintenance, production supervision, plant engineering and quality assurance. In addition, three months will be spent on a Six Sigma Project.

Here are some of our MDP fellows’ experiences:

“In a short period of time, the Manufacturing Development Program has provided the environment and tools I would not have been able to get otherwise. The combination of diverse team members and world class facilities made for a great learning experience. At Niagara your hard work is always recognized, your potential is unlimited, and opportunities are abundant.”

Stephan Grant

School: Union College
Major: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Project: Automatic Water Changeover System
Then: MDP Fellow
Now: Manufacturing Solutions Team

“Joining Niagara as an MDP right out of college, I was afforded the ability to work in all of the departments within the plant to gain a complete understanding and appreciation of the innovation, quality and hard work that Niagara has to offer. MDP has prepared me for my current role, where I am constantly introduced to new technologies and able to contribute to a diverse range of challenging and exciting projects.”

Mariya Kim

School: The Ohio State University
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Project: Parts room efficiency
Then: MDP Fellow
Now: Manufacturing Technology Specialist

Junior Mechanic Program
The Junior Mechanic Program (JMP) is available for those who are looking for a career in Niagara’s Maintenance Department. The program provides hands-on experience, extensive training and participation in routine maintenance including original equipment by manufacturer courses.

Here is what JMP participants have said about the program:

“Being a part of the JMP program has given me an opportunity to become a technical resource. Every day I have a direct impact on the success of our bottling operations. I believe the program to be invaluable and a direct contributor to my professional success at Niagara!”

Travis Sifford

Then: Forklift Operator
Now: Shift Mechanic

"The program has helped me gain valuable knowledge and confidence, and was a great networking tool. The program also showed me that the learning process is never over, Niagara is a company that will always continue to innovate and push technological boundaries.”

Grant Warner

Then: Production Operator
Now: Shift Mechanic